My history

Web project I worked on and lived with. Some of them were succesfull some less. All of them were created by passion!

Please note I am not and never was the only creator. But on all of them you can count, I wrote the source code.

Ludia Z Konca (LZK.6X.TO) (2006 - 2008)
First web starting on 2nd February 2006, which is 13 years ago. It was a culture, you can call teen-ages web. However it bring me to IT world like nothing else.
(Code: psw, graphics: psw + wifon, content: psw, wirus, bes, and many others) (2009)
This web was for our down hill cyclists club, created on 1st April 2009, which is 10 years ago. In mountain city called Čadca we were trying to make things better with popuparizating gravity sports. You can bet this was dark age of "alternative" sports in Slovakia, hah.
(Code: psw, graphics: theZ, content: Paula, Miňo and many others) (2007-2013)
Just, who does not know missed a lof ot fun, created in 2008, which is 11 years ago.
Skateparks, Snowparks, Kinder parks, concerts, clubs, ramps, trips, rappers, recording studios, photographers, tatoos, tatoos on skin, in heart, in brain.. forewer!
Sever Zeme feat. Akai 4000 - Jedna krv, Jedna crew
By far this was the bigest portal I ever had chance to participate, work on, live for. 20 000 visitors per month, I am sure more than 10k hours spent. Will never forget guys! Book to come!!!
(Code: pSw, graphics:, content: joSko, Robo, pSw, TheZ, Rudy, Lucia, Pates, and many many others, dozens..)

Honorable mentions
Media publications I would like to mention. Madman bike session 2010 (First big event in Skatepark Nová Bystica) 5th anniversary concest 2013 (The biggest happening in Skatepark Nová Bystica) Madman Bike Camp (some say best video i've made, not really sure :D)

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